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Determining the Radius of Your Retaining Wall

Use this chart to find the minimum recommended radius at base of the wall. Note all radius lengths, dimensions and setbacks are approximate.

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AB Radius Chart for Base Course of Curved Retaining Wall
Setback Wall Height
0.9 m
1.2 m
1.5 m
1.8 m

AB Stones 12° (Ref)

1.6 m
1.7 m
1.75 m
1.8 m

AB Classic, AB Lite Stone 6° (Ref)

1.5 m
1.55 m
1.62 m
1.7 m

AB Jumbo Junior 6° (Ref)
AB Junior Lite 6° (Ref)

1.0 m
1.16 m
1.28 m
1.4 m