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Types of Geogrid

Geogrids are flexible, synthetic meshes which are manufactured specifically for slope stabilization and earth retention in retaining walls. These grids are available in a variety of materials, sizes and strengths. They can be made of high tensile strength plastics or woven polyester yarns and are typically packaged at the factory in rolls. The grids are rated by Long-Term Allowable Design Strength (LTADS) with values ranging from 500 to 4,000 pounds per linear foot (7.3 kN/m to 58.4 kN/m).

AB Reinforcement grid

Lock retaining walls in place with AB Reinforcement Grid™

AB Reinforcement Grid is a high strength polyester mesh geogrid that is coated with a black protective film. It is used to give added strength to the retaining wall by reinforcing the soil behind it. This light duty grid is manufactured by a world leader in geosynthetics, Strata Systems, and is distributed exclusively through the Allan Block Dealer Network. Find a Dealer Near You. AB Reinforcement Grid has been specifically designed and packaged to conveniently serve the landscape retaining wall market for Allan Block retaining walls up to 1.8m in height.

It's simple, convenient and reliable

AB Grid rolls are biaxial and are designed to simply "roll out" along the wall. Detailed guidelines on every roll. It is fully engineered to deliver the strength your landscape retaining wall needs.

Packaged in easy to handle plastic bags each roll is 1.2 m wide and 15.2 m long.

Geogrid Roll

Roll Out Grid

Geogrid on Retaining Wall

Roll geogrid back into the slope.

Grid for commercial applications and larger walls

Below is a listing of geogrid manufacturers. The geogrid has been tested with the Allan Block Retaining Wall systems for connection strength. Included is information and specifications on the each in Acrobat format (.pdf).

For additional geogrid installation information, see reinforced retaining walls or Designing Balance: Practical Guidelines.