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Ideas to finish your retaining wall    finishing options

retaining wall finished with capstones

Retaining wall finished with capstones

retaining wall finished with rock

Retaining wall finished with rock

Finish retaining wall with mulch

Finish retaining wall with mulch

Top course of retaining wall planted

Top course of retaining wall planted

Allan Block offers a great variety of finishing options for your retaining wall. Finish a retaining wall with a product and a style that fits the landscape.

Capping AB & AB Europa Walls

Capping Retaining Walls

Allan Block Capstones are available to finish the top of the wall. Capstones can be modified to fit any retaining wall shape. Learn how to cut capstones for curved retaining walls as well as retaining walls with corners.

Finishing walls with Plantings or Mulch

Allan Block's patented raised front lip provides a perfect built-in edging where you can simply use rock, mulch, grass or planting soil to complete your retaining wall with an attractive, natural look.