The Ultimate Design Tool for Segmental Retaining Walls

AB Walls is a comprehensive design tool which outputs professional quality construction drawings with technical support data. It allows designers to transfer a conceptual layout from a site plan to a complete wall solution and then export it various CADD software programs. In addition, designers can generate elevations, plans and multiple cross sectional views of their retaining wall projects.

Some of the program’s design capabilities include static and seismic calculations for internal, external and internal compound stability. AB Walls can take a designed wall project and print a complete package in one step making it an easy submittal to your client.

Inspired by the work on the Best Practices for SRW Design document to help drive the industry towards zero wall failures, many changes and enhancements have been included in the our latest version.

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What Else Can AB Walls Design Software Do?

Detailing Enhancements:


One of the most difficult part of the design and build process for segmental walls is transferring the design requirements to the contractor. AB Walls has greatly enhanced the Submittal and Shop Drawing Outputs to allow the designer to:

Design Enhancements:


Output Enhancements:



AB Walls still provides both a Submittal Output for the engineers to submit for design review and a detailed Shop Drawing Output for use in the field - but now even better!

ReSSA Export:

Allan Block has worked closely with the designers of ReSSA, the industry leading global stability analysis program, to allow the section information from AB Walls the ability to be exported to a ReSSA file. This gives the wall designer the opportunity to easily transfer information from AB Walls to ReSSA to investigate the Global Stability of the project site.

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AB Walls 10 Users:

Please Note: With the launch of AB Walls 15 as a standalone program, your software will no longer be updated or enhanced. We recommend you upgrade to the latest version of AB Walls to continue to recieve the best tools and support available. AB Walls 15 is able to open your past AB Walls 10 files so updating them to the new standard is easy! Upgrade today by contacting Allan Block Corp at (952) 835-5309 or

AB Walls 2007 Users:

Please Note: Files created in AB Walls 2007 are not compatible with newer versions of AB Walls (10 or above). Allan Block Corporation no longer supports AB Walls 2007 Contact your Local AB Representative to upgrade to AB Walls.